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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3.19.15 WOD

Athletes, Julie Thiry our 11Exhale yoga Instructor is offering you all and your spouses a crazy deal. $33/Month Yoga membership. You are able to lock this price in for the next year if you sign up in the next 72 hours (special ending Sunday at 6am). You can shoot an email to Coach Mary (  and she can get you set you up if you are interested.

The 11Exhale Grand opening is on Saturday the 28th at 9am this month. We hope to show Julie how supportive our NSXFit athletes are. Here is a little bit of info from Julie on how yoga can help you. 

If you think yoga is just for hippies or flexi-bendy, prissy girls with hot yoga pants on, think again. Developing a consistent yoga practice can help you get stronger and improve athletic performance. 

By integrating yoga into your routine, you learn to control your body and your mind. The mind-body control acquired can truly provide next-level results for athletes.

Here are three ways that yoga can improve athletic performance:

Increased Power and Strength: By increasing your flexibility you will also increase the range of motion. By improving your range of motion, an increased power output is obtained due to greater 

muscle recruitment and more efficient movements. 

Hello, Better Muscle Function Through Breath: The first rule of the physical yoga practice is you must breath. By fully breathing in each yoga posture a heightened level of presence is obtained in 

each pose. By getting in touch with your breath, you can more efficiently take in oxygen, release carbon dioxide which results in better muscle function. Oxygen is just as vital to muscles and strength 

as protein. Working with your breath can assist you in developing positive respiratory habits that strength and improve athletic performance. 

Shortened Recovery Time: One of the less talked about benefits is yoga is the ability to shorten post-workout recovery time. A vigorous workout can leave athletes with sore and energy-depleted muscles. 

With a few postures and some breath work yoga can help move energy through the body and relieve what could have otherwise been several days of muscle soreness.

3xME Strict Pull-Ups
3xME Kipping Pull-Ups
Rest 1 min after each set

Note: tie or beat your reps from Tuesday.

10 Minutes EMOM of:
5 Squat Clean 165/115
10 Bar Facing Burpees

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