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Friday, May 13, 2011

Saturday WOD

A message from Eric...
When I put together these Saturday WODs, I design a fairly brutal workout.  This is trying to get the most out of our top athletes & create a fun, yet competitive atmosphere.  We gladly scale the workouts for people not wanting to experience the full grandeur (another adjective may be appropriate) of the WOD!  I will also provide a WOD for our newer & less experienced athletes--the main WOD is designed with our "firebreathers" in mind.  Feel free to come & watch the workouts as well (and bring some friends).
With that in mind--

"Bars, Bells & Balls"

For Time:
PART 1 --Using a 65/95# bar:
Run 200m with bar on your back
then 2 rounds of:
10 power snatch
15 power clean & jerk
20 bar hops (bar on the ground & hop side to side over the bar)
PART 2 --Using a 20/24kg KB
Run 200m with the KB
then 2 rounds of:
20 KB Swings
25 Goblet Squats
PART 3 --Using a 14/20# medicine ball
Run 200m with the medicine ball
50 wall balls 8/10' target
Run 200m

You will complete all 4 parts consecutively (no rest) between sections
200m is approximate & will be set up at the WOD

Mel 24:09 Rx
Mark S 22:14 Rx
Jen 20:54 Rx
Eric 22:41 Rx

The Easier & Nicer WOD

3 rounds for time:
5 burpees
10 push ups
15 jumping pull ups
20 sit ups
25 air squats

Jeff 18:16 +200m run w/20# vest each round
Tami 8:55 Rx
Yvonne 9:20 Rx
Goyita 8:46 Rx


Anonymous said...

Thanks Eric you are the master at making killer work outs. It was fun?

Eric said...

Fun...? Not so sure. Rewarding is probably a better word! We've been rewarded with a butt-kicker of a workout.

I say to you, "You're welcome!!"

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