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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Clean Eating Challenge for November

In an effort to continue to improve our overall fitness at Natural Selection CrossFit we are encouraging you to join our "Clean Eating Challenge."  Or if you aren't ready to give up all the bad stuff make it a "Cleaner Eating Challenge" for yourself.  The ultimate goal is to continue to improve on what you have already started at the gym by improving your food intake to reach your best fitness potential.

Here's how it works, you choose your level of commitment and then stick to it.  Challenge yourself so you have to work at it, but don't set yourself up for failure.  We will put up a chart to keep track of your progress and help you succeed!  Along with the chart you will display your commitment on one of the whiteboards.  The chart will show your "clean" days versus your "un-clean" days.  You can even start slow and add to your "un-clean" foods every week to progress slowly for success.

Knowing CrossFit isn't easy there is one more thing you should know...there is a penalty for "un-clean" eating.  That penalty is 50 burpees for every un-clean day.  Those burpees need to be witnessed at the gym by another member or coach and done at one time after the challenge is complete..  Understanding that November is a tough month to eat clean, because it kicks off the holiday season, we will give you 50 burpees to use for thanksgiving day or bank them for any need that may arise.  Check out the CrossFit main site's Nutrition section for more information.

We will be sending an email to our members to help them get started with more detailed information.


Chris said...

Sounds great!! I am going to shoot for zone portioning (16-18 blocks) with no breads, sugars or processed foods. Going to try to limit dairy as well. We can do anything for 30 days right???

TheWhiteHouse said...

Yippie, it has been 4 hours since I woke up and I am doing good. I am doing Paleo but still allowing cheese. Maybe will consider deleting cheese by week 3. Bring recipe's to the gym to post if you find one you like.
We will all be skinny and hot or really good at burpees.

Eric said...

Yeah Burpees...

J Steelman said...

Day 3: Ok, this clean eating is very hard to do at the mall. Watched my kids eat and then went home and ate turkey and a nice salad. No extra burpees for me, yet :)

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